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While only in her third year of medical school at the University of Saskatchewan, Lindsay Richels has appeared in numerous media publications including exclusive interviews and commentary on current trending topics in the medical field. 

Lindsay Richels Explains Challenges That Med School Students Face | Prague Post

Although it is no secret that medical school is extremely demanding, the vast majority of people fail to appreciate the extent to which this notion stretches. In other words, even though everyone knows that becoming a doctor is difficult, those without first-hand experience will never be able to form a truly accurate opinion.

Clerkship at St. Joseph's has been an enjoyable experience for aspiring physician

Lindsay Richels is looking forward to when she will graduate from the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, and begin her career as a physician. But first she will spend time in Estevan through the longitudinal integrated clerkship (LIC).

Clerkship student has enjoyed time at hospital

The aspiring physician who has been working at St. Joseph's Hospital has enjoyed her time in the community thus far. Lindsay Richels has been in Estevan for three weeks through the longitudinal integrated clerkship, which will give her the opportunity to spend 42 weeks in the community while furthering her skills.

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